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Monday, October 13th, 2008
2:37 am
"Hooray for me, Shit on you" as my dad says.

Cracker Barrel comes under fire for ousting gays

LEBANON, Tenn. -- Cracker Barrel Old Country Store Inc., a 100-unit chain of family restaurants operating mostly in the Southeast, has come under attack by gay-rights leaders, who are outraged at the company's firing of gay employees from a number of its stores.

Under a new policy that Cracker Barrel said was instituted in the best interests of the company, non-heterosexual employees have been terminated from restaurants in Georgia and perhaps in two other states.

"This is clearly one of the most heinous examples of corporate homophobia in recent memory," said Robert Bray, a spokesman for the Washington, D.C.-based National Gay and Lesbian Task Force.

Responding to those charges and to others that were reportedly made by civil-rights activists after the issue became public, Cracker Barrel discontinued what had reportedly been a store-by-store purge of gay staffers.

"We have revisited our thinking on the subject," Cracker Barrel said in the second of two statements defending its action. But in its first statement the company said employing people with other than "normal heterosexual values" was inconsistent with its philosophy and that of its customers.

The 22-year-old company, based here, operates on major interstate highways that link Southern states with the Northeast and the Midwest. Some 9,000 to 10,000 employees work at Cracker Barrel units from Florida and Alabama to Virginia and Illinois, but it is not known how many are gay.

"It is inconsistent with our concept and values . . . to continue to employ individuals . . . whose sexual preferences fail to demonstrate normal heterosexual values which have been the foundation of families in our society," the company said in its first statement.

At least two restaurants in metropolitan Atlanta have experienced firings, according to Gary Kaupman, the editor of Southern Voice, an Atlanta newspaper written for homosexuals. Based on unconfirmed reports, firings also have taken place in Charlotte, N.C., and Tallahassee, Fla.

Cracker Barrel's human-resources vice president, William Bridges, said the company checked with legal counsel to make certain its actions did not violate existing state or federal regulations.

"None of the states in which we operate has laws protecting employees on the basis of sexual preference, nor are there any federal statutes that do so," Bridges explained.

Nevertheless, the 17,000-member Gay and Lesbian Task Force said it was developing a plan.

"There are some very high visibility actions in the works," Bray said, adding, "They have gay and lesbian customers -- and customers who are parents, friends and business associates of gays and lesbians."

Bridges referred further questions to the company's statement, which read: "Cracker Barrel is founded upon a concept of traditional American values, quality in all we do and a philosophy of 100 percent quest satisfaction." The statement said employing non-heterosexuals was inconsistent with the values of Cracker Barrel's customer base.

Reportedly, the company's new policy was triggered when a customer in one of Cracker Barrel's Georgia units wrote to the home office to complain about two male employees allegedly kissing in the dining room.

"In the future we will deal with any disruptions in our units, regardless of the cause, on a store-by-store basis" is the way Cracker Barrel worded its second statement.

According to Cheryl Summerville, a Cracker Barrel employee fired from the company's unit in Douglasville, Ga., after managers questioned her about her sexual preference, gay activists began organizing a possible boycott of the restaurant.

"I called a lawyer, but nobody wants to take the case," Summerville said.

"It's inconceivable that they would launch this purge of gay and lesbian employees. It appears they're willing to ignore principles of human rights," said Bray, who estimated there there are tens of thousands of homosexuals employed in the restaurant industry.

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Sunday, April 13th, 2008
3:07 am
 As of April 12th you have not eaten any meat. Possibly a few days before then. But definitely the 12th. Let's see how long this can go before I fuck it up.
Sunday, April 6th, 2008
5:37 am
 I've  had a lot of fucked up dreams but the one I had just now was pretty intense. I'm not sure WTF was going on, except that there was definitely some kind of war going on. It was super vivid and intense and there were lots of people getting shot everywhere. There were tanks or something lined up in a street so you could run across. I don't know, I shouldn't bother trying to explain it but I have to just makes this post so that I'll remember it. I woke up and started thinking about how desensitized everyone is to the whole war thing. I think I was even desensitized in the dream because of all the adrenalin, until the end where I saw some guy get a machete in his head (split it down the middl)  like 4 feet in front of me even though he surrendered which is normal in movies and in a lot of dreams that are kinda like movies but that one was so demented and reminded me of so much shit that's really going on right now I just woke up after that.
Then I laid there thinking about how I'd been getting to complacent about the whole Iraq thing and how I needed to remember what an unfeeling elitist violent evil piece of shit George W. Bush is for starting any kind of war that is unnecessary where any man woman or child gets killed on either side....

I talked to this older lady I've known at work for a long time. I feel really fucking stupid because I'm just now realizing how out of my head I was on sleep deprivation and whatever kind of crystal meth or cocaine it is that the fuckers have been putting in my coffee and energy drinks. But it was probably good because there were a couple of things I'm not sure I would've known how to respond to otherwise. I like people that have the balls to just bring up whatever most of the time though as long as it's not in an ass holeish way. If they're alright with talking about their personal stuff I take it to mean they're not judgemental,esp if they're a little off and very open about it and their other problems...
I think she told me she's having surgery because her brings are leaking into her sinuses from where she got shot in the head.... I very much doubt that that's true but only in a certain way. She also told me about her abusive husband which I think I believe because I don't know why she would need to lie about that.........

I just made spaghetti noodles... There's a lot of really good KFC in the fridge but that dream is altering the way I look at meat for the moment.... I swear I wish we had more non killed foods at the house..

I could ramble on about more BS and insignificance but there's only so much I can write about without feeling the urge to get into the fact that I think everything I'm writing is bullshit and that most events taking place in my life right now are a fucking sham that I don't deserve & haven't earned in the least bit. On top of that I still have the feeling like it's just a matter of a couple weeks before I get beaten up, arrested or fired for whatever reason.... God dammit.... I should eat my pasketti & go back to bed.
Wednesday, February 20th, 2008
5:43 am
   Well, the theory, according to me, is that now that I've got no social life or friends to talk to about the events going on around me that now I might actually have something to write about, and a reason to write in a diary. Read some shitty article in one of those dumb magazines for middle aged women that had tips in it to help you relieve stress and all that crap. You know, the ones that say "tip one, take a deep breath/punch your pillow/other dumb thing."
   One of them was talking about the write down everything that pisses you off and wad it up and throw it away. I think that's incredibly asinine, but I just thought another part worth mentioning that I didn't think was so asinine was about the findings that said that handwriting it out tends to have a more dramatic effect than just typing, which of course didn't surprise me at all. I've kind of always wondered how people can get something out of computer journals. Doesn't it kind of just take all the personality out of it when there isn't even any handwriting? How can you even tell what mood you were in when you wrote it?

   Moving on... I  believe I'm going to have quite a bit of coffee, and come back and possibly write something. I really kind of question my coffee. It doesn't make me feel hyper, it just makes me itchy. I don't trust it at all, and it makes me poop. And I already have to poop, so maybe i shouldn't drink any coffee....

Excuse me ladies and gentlemen.
Saturday, December 29th, 2007
3:21 am

Well let's see here what's interesting in Mark news. Apparently I got arrested, rejected from the military, got my ass kicked. To me all of that is incredibly boring and I'm sure it is to the nonexistent reader as well.
On the upside of things I saw a pretty cool concert and made an ass of myself to the lead singer chick by telling her that i thought the Alesis Micron was better than the MicroKorg when she was playing her Korg for the show. It doesn't matter, Microns are better. 
Anywho, Craig's in town, I need to start looking for a job finally, I think I've somehow been giving myself a free pass about the job hunting thing by martyring myself based on the fact that all my friends seem to have vanished into thin air in some way or another. I guess I just don't know what I'm aiming for when there doesn't seem much of anything good to strive for other than the basic material possessions and necessities. It doesn't matter obviously, I need to start supporting myself and move out regardless of whether or not I can do fun things with my friends, but I just don't know why the fuck i bother sometimes. I could make enough money to move out, to be a happy bachelor and get drunk and hang out with peepz, maybe get married someday and all this shit, big fucking deal. I think I've always just kind of felt like it was all pointless. It's better to work than to be a bum, it's better to live on my own and contribute than leech off my parents, but all those goals your supposed to have in life don't seem to me to be so much about incentive to make things better as the urge to escape shit. Maybe I shouldn't've expected life to be any different and really everyone sees it that way and just neglected to tell me because everyone wants to pretend that's not how it is?
Sometimes, I think I got it, when I felt like working in itself was its own reward, when I felt like I was trying to somehow be some kind of half assed shitty provider-I can definitely see how people could see that as the natural order of things because being the big providing male or at least making a pitiful attempt to really is pretty intoxicating, although there are a lot of things about that testosterone laden sort of mentality that definitely lead to some dysfunction for someone with as much insecure passive agressive issue as myself.. I didn't really realize how dangerous something like arrogance can be for someone like myself, and why I have to try to keep myself self aware if such a thing is possible..  Of course, my arrogance was never really mine to begin with, which might be for the best. Self esteem good, arrogance bad, check.

I don't know. They say life isn't about the reward/finish line/whatever so much as the struggle to get there, but to me there's not even any finish line to get to. It's just this long road, and yes I realize the implications of that statement. At least some of them. I think. 
Don't get me wrong, this isn't a meaning of life thing. I don't need any purpose or wtfever to guide me. I just wish I could get the same fulfillment out of the whole thing that a lot of people do and that I understood for a time.. I wish there could be something more to existence than working, and I don't mean religiously. I'd be happy with anything half way meaningful really.  Fuck relationships, even being able to drink and raise hell at a party with good old friends with no negative repercussions would be good. God I could keep goign on, but this is shitty enough as it is.

Wednesday, November 28th, 2007
1:22 am
class warfare

The argument against taxing the rich at higher rates is usually that it punishes people who work hard and become successful (as if non-millionaires don't work hard). The other one is trickle down effect, and I'm not sure that I believe higher taxes mean that rich people aren't going to use their millions of excess dollars to make more excess dollars.

This is why the estate tax is fine by me, and probably even a good way to prevent aristocracy. George Bush and Paris Hilton come to mind...

found this at:



Who's Who on the Forbes 400

By Peter Werby

ACCORDING to a yearly study published by United for a Fair Economy, a Boston think tank, not only are the rich getting richer at the expense of the classes below them, but the pace is accelerating. For instance, Microsoft billionaire Bill Gates, the richest American, doubled his wealth last year to a net worth of almost $40 billion.

Some people find his rapid increase in riches so fascinating that there's even a website Wealth Clock devoted to him.

Each year UFE releases its survey "Born on Third Base: The Sources of Wealth of the Forbes 400" to coincide with the World Series and employs baseball language to assess the status of the very rich. Its data track the financial and biographical origins of the 400 richest individuals and families listed in the October issue of Forbes magazine. "Forbes celebrates what they call the bootstrappers, the Horatio Alger stories" says Charles Collins, co-director of UFE. "We thought it would be interesting to look at who inherited their way onto the list or had a wealthy head start."

He adds sarcastically that the key to great riches is choosing wealthy parents or grandparents. Two thirds of those on the Forbes list, according to Collins, began with substantial start-up capital, and nearly half inherited enough wealth (Born on Home Plate) to rank in the 400 at birth.

Being Born on First, Second, or Third Base, according to the study, means the individual began with considerable income or family assistance. Less than a third actually did the rags-to-riches route, and are considered by UFE to have Started in the Batter's Box. The current Forbes poll shows that entry to the coveted circle has become more costly. Last year you needed $415 million to make the list; that's increased this time to a net worth of $475 million.

Here are the rankings:

  • Born on Home Plate (42 percent)--inherited sufficient wealth to rank among the Forbes 400. This percentage is higher than that listed by Forbes for inheritors. The reason: Forbes listed as a "self-made" those people who actually inherited substantial sums or property and later built that stake into a greater fortune. One example is Philip Anschutz (1997 net worth: $5.2 billion), who is listed as "self-made" man even though he inherited a $500 million oil and gas field.


  • Born on Third Base (6 percent)--inherited substantial wealth in excess of $50 million or a large and prosperous company and grew this initial fortune into membership in the Forbes 400.


  • Born on Second Base (7 percent)--inherited a medium-sized business or wealth of more than $1 million, or received substantial start-up capital for a business from a family member.


  • Born on First Base (14 percent)--biography indicates wealthy or upper-class background that was to our knowledge less than $1 million, or received some start-up capital from a family member. Owing to the study team's conservative coding rule, it is likely that some of those listed as Born on First Base actually belong on Second or Third Base.


  • Started in the Batter's Box (31 percent)--individuals and families whose parents did not have great wealth or own a business with more than a few employees.

At the same time that the wages of average Americans continue to stagnate, the number of billionaires in the United States has jumped from 135 to 170 in just one year. The combined net worth of the wealthiest 400 individuals increased 30.5 percent from at least $478.1 billion in 1996 to at least $623.9 billion in 1997.

"Wealth creating wealth at the top is particularly troubling when we look at the widening gap between the rich and everyone else," says Collins. "While a growing number of Americans have stagnating incomes, declining savings, and limited retirement options, the inherited asset-holdings at the top are multiplying. There may be 26 percent more billionaires, but there are not 26 percent more homeowners or 26 percent fewer children growing up in poverty."

Census data confirm that trend. The top 5 percent of the population holds 60 percent of the nation's net worth, while the rest of us unequally split up the remainder.

Current Mood: quixotic
Thursday, November 22nd, 2007
12:46 pm
Live Journal Account Number 3 and Counting

     This is my third live journal account that's probably never going to get used. There's also my old Xanga, wherever that may be. I can't help it, I just don't really have an instinct to write unless there's some sort of conversation piece. You might call it a permanent writing block, but I think it makes more sense to just call it "not being a writer," or "someone who doesn't get anything out of writing unless I'm commenting on a youtube video in which case it's for some reason very easy because I'm criticizing a visual or aural art form which is my preferred media for creativity."

     So, like I said. I have nothing to say. It's Thanksgiving I guess. Free bird meat for Marko. Wish me luck socializing with the family.  I'm starved.

     Can you embed songs on here? That would be sweet.
Hey it does say voice posting up there... Maybe I could stream some of my music... Would probably have to sign up to pay.. Well can you embed You Tube vids or MySpace music... That would be do-able... All in good time, Mark. All in good time.

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